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Location: E Class Single Axle Kruiser -> E Class stands for:

Off-road Soul - Independent Spirit

“Accelerate sustainable camping with caravans”

Our goal is to build off-road caravans that will last for a lifetime and be sustainable in the Australian environment.

Energy Positive 

The solar system installed on the roof is super high efficiency and can have enough electrical power to avoid using a generator.
This is the replenishment energy for these caravans.
The bigger the capacity, the better. You conserve this energy in deep cycle batteries. To go to the next level, you can choose high performance Lithium batteries.
The most significant energy saving is from the low towing drag because of the advanced aerodynamic design giving 30%+ longer travel range from your vehicle!

Water Positive

The human system can leave an abundance of waste for camping sites to “manage”.
The embedded technologies on board can convert human bio-mass with waterless toilets; store reclaimed shower water and give access to multiple water quality choices.

Safety Positive

Travelling to, and camping in, out-of-the-way places exposes people to higher safety risk.
The Kruiser range tackles the negatives of towing instability and use of explosive LPG with embedded technologies of superior power assisted disc braking; one touch power assisted parking; easily adjustable levels when camping; superior stability from anti sway system and no use of LPG inside.

Comfort Positive

Good designs mimic nature.
The embedded technologies are superior insulation; superior airflow from a minimum of 4 powered rooftop fan hatches; durable materials; and a “big” living space. Diesel hot water and heaters are so efficient. Inductions cooktops give no radiant heat so great for hot climates. See the view for miles, feel the fresh air and sleep warmly at night!

Specific technologies:

Becoming Energy Positive

  1. Up to 550W of Superlight solar that is 3mm thin and bonded to the roof of the Kimberley E Class.
  2. off-road soul independent spirit

  3. The solar wafers are Sunpower from USA with 20%+ efficiency.
  4. These wafers are designed for a flexible angle of 35 degrees and in 2 directions. Hence the title "3D Solar".
  5. Up to 300Ahrs of AGM batteries can be fitted within the published weights. For a lighter experience, 360Ahrs of Lithium batteries that charge nearly twice as fast as the AGM batteries can be fitted. They weigh one sixth the weight for the same usable capacity
  6. Aerodynamic design that has 30-40% less drag than conventional caravans made of aluminum and conventional shape. This gives up to 200km longer range in mid size 4WDs (from much lower fuel consumption)
  7. Use of induction cooking that uses the renewable solar energy and boils 2 litres of water in less than 5 minutes is a mandatory energy saving appliance. The other benefit is you can virtually place your hand on top of the cooktop immediately after removing the pan and it is cool to touch.
  8. Use of diesel cooktop/ diesel hot water and diesel air heater results in a substantial energy saving compared to LPG where a lot of the heat goes up the flue. 12 litres of diesel lasts 3 months and is the equivalent to 30kgs+ of LPG over the same period of use. The diesel can be Bio-diesel or a mixture of bio and mineral diesel. Kimberley has run units on B90 (90% Biodiesel) with great success.

Becoming Water Positive

  1. Use of an automated waterless composting toilet instead of “portable black water toilet” allows up to 80 uses, consumes zero water and is 100% environmentally sound. Kimberley add an automated rotary sytem and special airflow system that accelerates the breakdown process. The final waste can be dumped safely in regular rubbish bins.
  2. Use of reclaimed shower water in a dedicated grey-water tank. By using biodegradable liquid soap, this water is then captured and used in the washing machine or for washing. It results in nearly 100% re-use of shower water.
  3. Use of multiple water sources for showering and washing. This does not mix with the fresh drinking tank water and preserves the different types of water quality
  4. Separate grey water tank for non-reclaimed water from kitchen sink, bathroom sink.

Becoming Safety Positive

  1. Braking systems are hydraulic disc brakes similar to the ones used in all vehicles today (the rest of the caravan industry uses the older drum brakes for 95% of caravans, these are activated by electric magnets). The disc brakes are power assisted by an electronic/hydraulic controller. The result is half the stopping distance typically that the drum brakes. This is even better in wet conditions. The hydraulic disc brakes activate faster and are balanced for controlled safety.
  2. Anti-sway bars as used on most modern vehicles are standard in most Kimberley units. These are used in conjunction with air suspension for absolute minimal swaying and maximum towing stability. This is superior to the European "anti'sway system" that applies alternating brakes as it cant fully brake and stabilize simultaneously.
  3. The very important parking brake does not use a “cable and lever” which has to be pulled up tight. The parking brake is a one touch push button that is then locked with the hydraulic system and the unit will not move on a 30 degree incline.
  4. There is zero use of explosive LPG inside the caravan. All LPG appliances are external with external gas connectors.

Becoming Comfort Positive

  1. The highly efficient solar panels that are only 3mm thin are bonded to an alloy tropical roof, which is 35mm above the standard fiberglass roof. This reduces the heat transfer inside by up to 40%. When generators are not allowable, this technology enables a cooler caravan when combined with air-flows.
  2. There are multiple overhead hatches and everyone is fan powered as standard. This means that the entire air in the largest unit can be “replaced” is 13 seconds. At low speed and with reverse directions for air-flow, every Kimberley can have air flowing through the caravan at any time which increases comfort.
  3. Large open windows let you take the view in for 180 degrees. When in nature, it is exhilarating to see and embrace it. The Kimberley design brings the un-spoilt beauty of free camping to the traveller..
  4. Air conditioning systems can operate from either the AGM or the Lithium batteries:
    These can operate for as long as the energy can be replaced by the solar system. With Lithium batteries the air conditioner on "low" can virtually operate for several hours in National parks where generators are banned or restricted.

Kimberley builds off-road caravans that always have sustainable technologies on board.