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Jayco Off Road Caravan

Comparison of E Class on Value with new Jayco Off-road caravan

This comparison is with a competitive "Jayco Adventurer"19.60-2.

Choice does involve personal taste and Kimberley makes no judgement on this with competitors products. We do not criticize others. Our goal is to get more people off road. Having new models at more affordable prices achieves this.
We are able to leverage the scalable investment Kimberley has made in the Kruiser series.

Benchmarking an Outback Caravan vs a Kruiser E Class
Jayco products are excellent value caravans. Rather than select an inferior brand for comparison, we have chosen this well-respected brand for benchmarking. The comparison is taken from Jayco’s website on Oct 18th 2017. There maybe improvements and/or changes made since then. Please refer to their website for an updated assessment.

As published
September 1st 2017

Jayco Adventurer
(Off-road model)
Model: 19.60-2
2 people, full ensuite
Full size caravan
(not pop top)

Kruiser E Class
Model: E 150
2-6 people, full ensuite
Full size caravan
(not pop top)

Retail Price incl GST
Aggregate Total Mass with 450kgs load
3325 kg
2190 kg
Minimum 4WD size required
(Same vehicle brand used for comparison)
3500 kgs towing capacity
Toyota Landcruiser
200 series GXL
Turbo Diesel
2500 kg towing capacity
Toyota Prado GXL
Turbo Diesel
Vehicle Price on Road Sydney
From Toyota website
Oct 18th 2017
Combined Investment
19.4% higher
Combined Vehicle Mass of GVW of vehicle and caravan
(adding axle weights)
3,350 kg vehicle
3,060 kg caravan
6,410 combined GVW
32.2% Higher
2,990 kg vehicle
1,860 kg caravan
4,850 combined GVW
Range of Vehicle and Caravan on typical trip with some asphalt and some dirt roads
93L std +45L Aux tank with estimate** of 20l/100 km gives
690 km ON ROAD
87L std +63L Aux tank with estimate** of 13l/100 km gives
1153 km ON ROAD
167% More Range

The benefits are: You get longer travel range which is a big advantage off-road and outback as you are towing a tonne less with an aerodynamic shape
**The numbers are estimates and with different driving styles, this will vary significantly. This comparison is a conservative like for like estimate.

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