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Customer Feedback on Towing the Kimberley Kruiser Black Caviar Model

Toyota prado Towing a Kimberley Kruiser Black Caviar Model

"As the first customer for the new Kimberley Kruiser, I have just got to put the new Kruiser behind my new shortwheel base Toyota Prado."

"I drove with the brakes quite sharp just pulling the vehicle back when applied. I drove about 15km through the back blocks of Caboolture, winding roads and quite undulated. The Kruiser towed really well and sat behind the Prado rock solid. I travelled up to 100kmph with no worries.

Going into bends I applied the brake gently and at no time did the Kruiser push the Prado around which was very re-assuring.
Then I drove on the highway back to Caboolture and was again very impressed. I towed up to 100kmph on the highway and am confident that this vehicle is capable of towing the Kimberley Kruiser Black caviar Model. I have attached a couple of photos for you."

South East Queensland July 31st