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Off-Road Caravans | Smart Touch Display

Simple and Easy One Touch Intelligent Display

Kimberley off-road caravan smart touch screen display

The Kimberley Kruiser T3 has 720watts of solar and 480 Ahrs of Lithium Batteries. At any point in time you can see how the power in, power out and battery capacity on a single touch screen with a graphic colour display. It also monitors all 4 tank levels with ultrasonic sensors. This is so simple to operate and gives a dynamic image of the system condition. We are calling it an "intelligent" command centre. Watch the video below to see it in action:

energy summary on intelligent monitor off road caravans

The smart display system in the Kimberley Kruiser T3 monitors:

  • Solar Power in from 720W Super Thin Panels
  • Power in from 120 Amp Battery Charger
  • Power out through 2700W inverter
  • Power out to all other 12V devices
  • Battery Condition including number of cycles, depth of cycles, capacity
  • Large 200L fresh water tank level in litres
  • Small 120 L fresh water tank level in litres
  • Large Grey water tank level in litres
  • Small Grey Water tank level in litres (reclaim water)

It also has a touch button to turn all the power off in a single button as you leave the caravan (except refrigeration).

The image on the right shows 25A of power going into system from the solar panels. 4.6A is going to all the 12V devices on board. 3A is going to the inverter, leaving 17A going into the batteries.

This is a simplest and slickest monitoring panel we have used. The technology hails from the luxury motor yachts made in Germany. It is a data bus system with the ethernet connectors built into the monitoring shunts.

For non-technical users, it simply shows how much energy capacity is in the batteries and where the power is coming from. It also shows you how much power you are consuming. Because the Kruiser is designed to operate the air-conditioner from the 12v batteries, the amount of power left is important. If you do use a generator the screen will let you simply calculate how many hours before you are fully charged! Dont worry, it wont be long, the battery charger is 120 amp capacity!

tank level monitoring off road caravans ultrasonic

All the fresh water and grey water tanks on board are monitored in litres and percent. There are 4 of them.

We have placed this 125mm square display right at the door entrance for you to glance at as you go in and out of the Kruiser.

For the technical user, you have a wonderful tool here which will allow you to tweak your system and get every once of power out of and into the system. It will also allow you to monitor:

  • No of battery cycles
  • No of cycles where there has been a deep depth of discharge
  • Toggle between Ahrs and % State of Charge
  • Reset counters for amount of solar over a period of time (like a trip computer)
  • Alarms on any of the charging sources
  • Alarms on battery
  • Alarms on the tank levels
  • Sleep mode for night Time

You will become a solar and lithium battery use expert.

intelligent battery monitor

The biggest benefit of the system for all users is the simplicity to operate. In very low solar gain days, you can see exactly how much capacity you have left. If you are reclaiming the shower water for the washing machine or toilet, you can see if the litres in the tank is sufficient for the wash (44 litres for a full wash).

Here is the ethernet powered shunt :

ethernet powered shunt for off road caravans

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