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Please continue with Pre-release Kimberley Kruiser Survey

Pre-registration for more information as it becomes available on the Kimberley Kruiser.

There is already a lot of interest in our product and the most efficient and accurate way of keeping everyone updated will be by the website. Callers to our factory or dealers will be advised to refer to the website until the release date.
Prior to the release date, there will be pricing and final specification and photos published.

At this time there will be a special promotion. The first 20 customers who commit to purchase through a Kimberley Dealer will receive a factory funded rebate providing they agree to participate in the First Release Quality Assurance Program…. And who wouldn’t!

The Factory Rebate is planned to be $5000

If the Kruiser suits your needs and you may be interested in looking at it and taking this Rebate, you should register below. The survey for is optional. It gives us feedback on what’s important to customers for a product like this. This allows us to “package up” alternative Models. If you have any difficulty, click on the webmaster link below for online communication. Thank you.

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