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A View that Money can't buy

RockWall in Australia

When you are looking out at the view above... you have the best view in Australia. Who said money cant buy this! It's yours to enjoy in a Kimberley Kruiser!

Kimberley Kruiser View through the frameless windows

When we started out with the Kruiser concept, it was essential to have this continuous line of windows. This looks strange to a lot of caravan users who are used to windows punched through side-walls with hard space in between. However, with traditional caravan construction the only way to hold the roof up and keep a robust shape is to have some “meat” on the side-walls.

Long Line of frameless windows in Kimberley kruiser In the Kruiser we solved this problem because of the strength of the fibreglass end caps and the "trellis tube" frame. Like all modern boats and "homes with a view" you can now have a stunning view through the continuous window line.

Window Blinds insideFrom the inside, the internal blinds pull down from inside the upper cupboards for clean lines and a great look. The windows are made in Europe of dual layer polycarbonate with great insulating properties. To get them dust-proof for off road travel, Kimberley redesigned the edge seal and had a mould made and seal especially produced for the thickness of the frame and in a shape that works much better off road.