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Off Road Caravans for Families

With fours kids each, Brett and Bruce have enjoyed many nights with a Kimberley Kamper and the family camping.

With the Kruiser line, we have been helped with customer feedback to really nail a slick solution for the sleeping accommodation.

From experience, there are core elements needed for a family off-road caravan that give parents time to relax.


The Vee shaped upper berth is the inspiration of a customer who is an architect and has a particularly tall teenage son as well as daughter.

The Vee Berth will accommodate 2m sleeping space on one side and 1.8m on the ladder side. There is a natural separation here as well with heads at the end closest to the centre of the caravan and therefore the most head height.

There is great feeling of space for the island bed below with the centre section open. The curves compliment the Latin seat.


S Class

For the S and T Class, the island bed is fixed in position.

E Class

For the E class, the island bed will retract and the back of the bed will raise up under the vee berth in a semi=folded position by day.(Second image below)

By night, it will pull down into the sleeping position. The bed can remain reasonably made up all the time (pillows will move to the centre)

Plan view with bed deployed at night in E Class


A flat plate BBQ outside is valuable. We encouraged the family to cook their own pancakes every morning. The each had their own “pancake mix” in a 2L plastic milk container. Just add water and cook.


There can never be too much water with family. The visi-flow feature on the S and T Class by-passes the water tanks and lifts up to 4m from a stream or billabong. The family can shower for hours.



Showering active little ones in our enclosed fiberglass shower works exceptionally well. There is comfortable space to crouch down and operate the shower without getting soaked. There is also a seat in our shower recess so you can sit down as well.



The waterless toilet is perfect for the family because of the high capacity. 80 uses will handle a family of 4 for two weeks. There is NO need to find a dumping station; it can be discarded in any open space away. This toilet will handle vomit and diarrhea.