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12 Volt Super-Hot Water Dispenser

12v super hot water for in vehicle dash installation. Produces instant hot water for tea and coffee


From $147,600 ex Ballina. Made in Ballina, Australia

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Comparison of each Model in Kimberley Kruiser Tandem Class

Compare Pricing & Specification of 3 Offroad Caravan Single axle Models

SOME Images Show Series 1 Shape which is superceded with new Series 2 Shape

3 Off Road Caravan Models , Same Chassis, Same Fibreglass Outside Components, Different Inclusions and Finish, Different Weight
2017 Kimberley Kruiser Classic 2017 Kimberley Kruiser Black Caviar 2017 Kimberley Kruiser T3




Price incl. GST, Pick up from Ballina. Price Excludes Dealer & Delivery charges.
These prices are effective from September 1st 2016. For orders placed before this date the previous prices and product specs apply.

Kimberley Kruiser tandem offroad caravan Classic model
Kimberley Kruiser tandem offroad caravan black caviar model
Kimberley Kruiser tandem offroad caravan T3 model

**This price is ex-factory in Ballina. Price Excludes Dealer & Delivery charges. Specifications and inclusiona may change. Please consult your dealer.

Option Prices shown in the Detailed Pricebook Download on the right of the panel above..

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You will get:

  • Kimberley Innovation
  • Kimberley Quality
  • Kimberley After Sales Support
  • 5 Year Chassis Warranty
  • Australian Designed and Manufactured in Ballina NSW



    WHAT'S NEW - Kimberley Kruiser Range for 2017: Space and Style with New Ensuite Update  

    The 2017 Model Kimberley Kruiser has a major change in the ensuite.


    • This change increases the space around the toilet
    • Changes the configuration of the drying chalet with more space.
    • We have added a curved solid surface benchtop and reduced the size of the vanity sink.

    The end result is an ensuite which looks much larger and more streamlined.


    We have also squeezed a little more interior height with the curved roof bows and the new high-light interior.

    If you are 6ft 4inches tall, you can now walk down the middle of the Kruiser in bare feet with half an inch to spare.

    The image below shows the height all along the centre of the Kruiser.

    New Highlight Interior is a superb Finish