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Lightweight Off-Road Caravan | Kimberley Kruiser


Dimensions & Weights

Dimensions and Ratings

Kimberley Kruiser E Class
Single Axle
Lightweight Offroad Caravan

Kimberley Kruiser S Class
Single Axle
Lightweight Offroad Caravan

Kimberley Kruiser T3
Tandem Axle
Lightweight Offroad Caravan

Designed for

Mid-sized 4WD’s like Toyota Prado & vehicles with at least 2250 kg towing capacity up to 2500kgs

Mid-sized 4WD’s like Toyota Prado & vehicles with at least 2250 kg towing capacity up to 2500kgs

Toyota Landcruiser, Landrover Discovery and those vehicles with at least 3200 kg towing capacity


E 150: 1950 kg

E 280: 2393kg

E 550: 2498kg

S1 and S2 2500 kg

S3 2590kg

3200 kg

Ball Weight

120-140 kg

160-245 kg

180-250 kg

Tare including Batteries and solar as specified

E 150: 1737 kg

E 280: 1943kg

E 550: 2048kg

S1: 1900kg

S2: 2090kg

S3: 2175 kg

2670 kg

Total Length


6640mm incl drawbar extension

7315 mm incl drawbar extension


Body is 2270 mm
(2380mm with wheel arch guards )

Body is 2270 mm
(2380mm with wheel arch guards )

Body is 2270 mm
(2380mm with wheel arch guards )

External Height

2890 mm
 including Aircon
and 17 inch wheels
Can be lowered by 120mm with air suspension and tyres

2890 mm
 including Aircon
and 17 inch wheels
Can be lowered by 120mm with air suspension and tyres

 including Aircon
and 17 inch wheels
Can be lowered by 120mm with air suspension and tyres

New 2016 Kimberley Kruiser Range Tandem Axle Pricebook
Download this pricebook showing all the Specifications & Pricing Details

I am TALL, can I fit in the Kruiser?

We have also squeezed a little more interior height with the curved roof bows and the new high-light interior.

If you are 6ft 4inches tall, you can now walk down the middle of the Kruiser in bare feet with half an inch to spare.

The image below shows the height all along the centre of the Kruiser.
Highlight Interior is a superb Finish.

The Kimberley Kruiser brings the most disruptive innovation to the caravan industry in decades. What’s more, the design and technology is 100% Australian. The product turns caravanning on its head with the tapered walls to a double skinned tropical roof and smooth fibreglass sides. With absolutely no timber inside, except for the draw and cupboard front finishes, Kimberley’s caravan designs are made with long life lightweight materials.

These design features were born from this innovation (some of these are Optional):

  • The lightest and yet strongest chassis in the industry: A hybrid chassis of steel longitudinal runners and alloy cross supports fastened with 2 piece rivets out of the aircraft industry. Light, Flexible and strong and backed by a 5 year warranty transferrable to new buyers.

  • The most flexible and stable suspension in the industry: Variable rate air suspension with optional auto-ride height control. Anti-sway bars as standard. Monotube shock absorbers and a low ball weight that has the industry in disbelief.

  • When you are in the best parts of Australia, you want to enjoy the view! The Kruiser has the longest line of windows that open fully in the industry.

  • Hot midday sun burning down from overhead: Cool inside the Kruiser with the double skin elevated tropical roof that gives multiple layers between you inside and the sun.

  • Reclaimed water straight from your shower to the toilet or washing machine gives little waste. Carry less water and reduce the weight from excess fresh water tanks.

  • The largest freezer in the industry at 55 litres, draw style that defrosts

  • Grey water tanks as standard so you take everything with you from the National Park

  • Cinema seats that recline like an aircraft so you can put your feet up and enjoy the night time multi-media.

  • Solid surface benchtops with an under-slung sink

  • Midge screens on every window

  • 660W of super light solar on the T3 Model

  • Split Air-conditioner that gives the quietest inside sleep

  • 480 Ahrs of advanced Lithium batteries, the most advanced in Australia for travel off road with a new back-up recovery feature on board.

  • Hybrid Energy on the T3 which lets you carry only a 1kVA lightweight generator and still operate a 2.2kW Airconditioner

  • Tens of other items that you will not see in any other off road caravan in Australia!

  • In the design of the Kimberley Kruiser, the internal length is maximised from the end of the bed to the cinema seating. This is achieved by placing the bed further forward in the new extended nose cone. This generous room makes a significant difference to the ease of passing by to the passenger’s side of the bed without the need to rock the seats forward.

  • Improving fuel consumption is a major benefit of the Kruiser. In our field trip of over 10,000 klm with a Diesel V8 pulling the Kruiser Series 1, we averaged less than 14 litres/ 100 klm. This is low, very low.
    This will be even better with the new 'piercing' nose cone.

Air drag reduced for lower fuel consumption in kimberley kruiser


  • TARE Weight & ATM - Kimberley use an estimate of 450 kg for the Black Caviar and T3 for the liquids and personal items on top of the Tare for a typical traveling weight.
  • * As of October 2014 the current Toyota Prado 3 Door models have sufficient towing capacity for Classic Kruiser. The 5 door model Toyota Prado can be uprated to suit the required Towing Capacity Classic Kruiser. Please Consult your Toyota dealer and Kimberley Dealer before comitting to purchase.
  • The Rhino Suede is a synthetic material pre-treated with protection products that resists most stains and is well tested in Kruisers in the Australian outback. It is cool to sit on.
  • Photos are not necessarily of exact unit but similar views and products
  • There may be errors and omissions and changes in the product described here. Please consult your Dealer before making a purchasing decision.