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Location: E Class Single Axle Kruiser -> Personalise your Kimberley

Personalise your Kimberley

Express yourself with a custom image on the sides of your offroad caravan


offroad caravan wtih custom vehicle wrap


Make your offroad caravan stand out with a custom vinyl 'vehicle wrap' on the sides.
Available for the Kimberley Karavan and Kruiser ranges of offroad caravans

How to customise your Kimberley:

  1. Select this Option when you place your order with your local Kimberley dealer

  2. Choose your Image from our stock library or provide your own.
    (Note: Kimberley have a stock of licensed images. These are in a large enhanced digital file. These are not normal images from a typical camera, they are high resolution files. Some licensed images have an additional fee per use, some don’t. We'll send you the summary and the fees and you decide.

  3. Kimberley prepares a digital template with your image ready for your preferred 'vehicle wrap specialist'.
    (If you wish to change the template then an additional fee will apply)

  4. Kimberley will paint other sections of each model to match the Vinyl wrap. This means when you take delivery, it is “wrap ready”.

  5. You nominate the local 'vehicle wrap specialist' that you have chosen to work with. Your Kimberley Dealer will assist you with this. The contract to install and your satisfaction is between the wrap installer and you. Kimberley are not involved in this relationship as it has to be done locally to where you live.
    You will generally have to take the van to the installer to do and it will take 6 hours to install generally.
    Done: send us you final images please!



There are standard designs as seen below PLUS you have the opportunity to customize a design for you by a local indigenous Ballina Artist: Karen Tribe. Karen will customise a design with the colours and objests (reptiles, rivers, animals, fish) of your choice and it will be a one off for you.

Here is the work she has done for a Byron Bay customer for an E Class:

This is a goanna background with 10 circles representing the 10 tribes that are local to Ballina- Byron Bay.



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