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Statistics on Fuel Comsumption with Kimberley Kruiser

Black Caviar Model & Black Caviar T3 Off-road Caravans


Everytime we launch a significant new Kruiser off-road caravan model we are eager to get it out on the (off) road, shake it around and take it on a Roadshow around Australia. One of the great results we've had from this is getting real-world fuel consumption data. We know how important this performance is when considering a full-size off-road caravan so we've made our results public. Just click on the link below, fill out your details and we will email you your very own free 'Actual Fuel Consumption Report':

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Fuel Consumption Report


Kruiser set up near river at Morphet NSW

Above (July 2012). This is the very first Black Caviar produced touring on the first Roadshow in Southern NSW. You'll spot a few improvements over the current model - namely the redesigned nose, entry door is now one peice, front tunnel boot storage hatch now has pantograph hinged doors for easier access.

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