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Kimberley owners’ share a secret!

Our goal is to keep the hassle out of camping so you enjoy the trip!

Kevin Cronin, a self-employed Sydney sider: “a weekend away in my Kimberley Kamper gives us more relaxation than a week in a holiday rental (house) or going overseas. Just one night, and we are relaxed and soaking up the tranquility.

If it blows a gale, we are always the last camper still standing. It just amazes me how tough and reliable the Kimberley canvas is!”

Rolled Kimberley Karavan

Ross Coad of Southern NSW was reversing down an isolated dirt road to re-approach a steep hill when he saw a young man on a dirt bike fly over the hill behind. With quick thinking, he sharply reversed the Kimberley Karavan into a side ditch leaving a narrow path and probably saving the young biker’s life.

The Karavan ended up over-turned and was sitting in a ditch on its side. He winched it up and pulled it back onto 4 wheels. Within minutes he was driving again with very minor scratches.

He told us face to face: “There is absolutely no other van out there that would survive that and get up and going without a hitch. My confidence in Kimberley is endless!”

The Kimberley owners’ secret is peace of mind - and good value!